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How does Stock Watcher work?

Our complex computer algorithms scan major US Stock Indices for buy and sell signals of stocks using candlestick patterns

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Scan 1000s of stocks for Buy or Sell Signals.

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Receive alerts when Buy or Sell signal is found.

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  • View all daily matched buy/sell signals
  • Watch upto 5 Total Stocks
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  • View all daily matched buy/sell signals
  • Watch up to 100 stocks
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About Stock Watcher

Our mission is to take the time consuming and complex job of sifting through thousands of stocks traded in the market to identify buy and sell signals through technical analysis out of your hands thus freeing up your time to make money trading in the market.

Targeted audience for Stock Watcher

We intended Stock Watcher users to be novice to advanced traders who want to leverage technical analysis to gain advantage in the market.

Ease of use

The platform is very easy to use. Just login to see daily to what stocks our pattern matching algorithms have found to have buy or sell signals. If you have your own portfolio of stocks to track then create your own list in our app. Our app will alert you when a buy or sell signal is found.

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Some commonly asked questions

Technical analysis is the study of a stock's open, close, high/low and volume data, primarily through the use of graphs and charts, for the purpose of forecasting a stock's price trends in the future.
Candlestick patterns have been used by Japanese traders for centuries. Candlestick patterns are a way of displaying stocks and futures data for chart analysis using open, close, high and low prices of a stock.
Free plan allows you to view upto 3 highly traded stock matching one or more of 70 candlestick patterns.
Premium plans allows you to view all matches of candlestick patterns against over 4000 stocks traded in the US Stock Market. Fo your viewing conveniance all stocks are grouped by major indices and divided into Bearish and Bullish stock within each indices.

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